The Tree Rot Problem

The Tree Rot Problem

One of the major problems facing trees, especially those planted in urban and suburban areas is wounded and decay resulting from damage inflicted by the human and animal population. The damage can be caused by accidents, events occurring naturally, or can be a result of poor care such as improper pruning. These wounds pose no real danger to a tree if they only scratch the bark. Trees with minor damage can recover without much intervention. However, if the damage reaches the inner parts of the tree such as the cambium layer, and depending on the magnitude of the damage on those parts, the tree can start rotting and even die.

Rotting trees pose a number of dangers to the population around them. If extensively rotten, the tree’s trunk will probably not provide adequate support. The tree can easily fall and cause injuries. The rotting also affects the aesthetics of the tree. Tree rot treatment is therefore necessary.

The exact measures required depends on the extent of the rot. The trees can either be treated, or people kept away from it if it poses a danger to the population. For extensive rot and damage, the tree may have to be removed. When you notice symptoms of rotting or feel the tree is hazardous, you need to take appropriate measures to address the problem. An arborist should be ready to assist you in determining if your tree is rotting, the extent of the damage, the measures to take and the chances of the tree surviving. S/he will help you decide whether to give the tree time to recover or to remove it.

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