Things Every Deep Cleaning Task Should Include

Things Every Deep Cleaning Task Should Include

Cleaning a house is often a daily task that is usually basic and doesn’t aim to reach all corners of the house. Regular deep cleaning is however necessary. Whether in preparation for special events, the holidays, or when moving out; people want to clean every corner of their home.

This is what the typical deep cleaning task involves:

Cleaning the Bathroom

For a deeply cleaned bathroom, you must clean and disinfect the showers and shower doors, tiles, knickknacks, sinks, doorknobs, mirrors, and fixtures. You should also scrub the grout, behind the toilet as well as the base and inside it. Cobwebs must be removed, mildew and mold treated, and trash removed. The floors, rugs, and carpet must also be cleaned.

Cleaning the Kitchen

The kitchen floor, walls, tables, chairs, must be cleaned. Appliances must also be thoroughly cleaned both inside and outside, the bases on which they sit must also be wiped. Countertops should also be cleaned and disinfected. The sinks and drip pans must also be cleaned.

Cleaning the Living Room and Sleeping Areas

For the living room, the lampshades, picture frames, and knickknacks must be dusted, floors and carpet edge vacuumed, window sills, ledges, mini-blinds, ceiling fans, flat surfaces, vents, and baseboards must also be dusted and wiped down. In addition, the floors should be swept and mopped, including underneath furniture and beds. All cobwebs must also be removed and wastebaskets emptied and sanitized.

Deep cleaning is a physically draining and time-consuming but very necessary task that should be done bi-weekly, monthly; not just on rare occasions. You can do this on your own, but if you are not able to handle it, hire professional top to bottom cleaning Peterborough services.

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